Comodo and Elicense

So yesterday Comodo told me that it had a update available so of course I install it. After that i find out that i cant start any of GreyDogSoftware’s games which are using eLicense. When I try to start any games that are using eLicense it just says “Has Stopped Working” So I think somehow Comodo is blocking eLicense from working because before the update I could play those games.

I hate when updates do things like this…

I am using Windows 7 64-bit and Comodo Firewall 5.0.163652.1142 and Avast! Antivirus

EDIT: And I have disabled Defense+

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I did some research of my own and it seems I am not the only one with this problem. I also tried GDS’s demos so they work and that prooves it’s obviously issue with Elicense and Comodo. Why is Comodo blocking eLicense’s process? How can i allow it again because I dont want to change firewall.

But I am seriously considering it now…

Have you tried Comodo Internet Security Pro ? I’ve heard it’s the perfect firewall for just this kind of a thing O0

eLinsence is so 90 century rofl… have you tried disabling your windows firewall and if so can you copy paste logs…

also ~snip~ does good copies and cracks of all kind of games so maybe throw your snes down and well come to digital world! :smiley: comodo is doing just fine go cry somewhere else kid.

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Ok so I managed to solve the problem…

By deleting Comodo :slight_smile:

So thanks for your support here in the forums and I also must thank you for turning good firewall to complete **** with just one update. Nice one guys… nice one

Who cares if it’s old? It’s still supposed to work. And just for you know some of us like to support small game developers by purchasing their product.

This is for requesting help isn’t it? I mean when i post a legit problem all i get is this.

If anyone knows how to make Comodo work with Elicense please post it here and i will consider installing comodo back again.

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Can you give us some specs about your computer like OS and such ?
What applications do you have that utilize elicense ?
Also no reason to get so angry when there are no replies for a short while these problems usually take some time before they are solved

Cheers, James

Consider yourself warned for flaming and trolling.

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