Comodo and ebay picture uploads

Since replacing McKaffee with Comodo V3.0 and Nod32, I have been unable to upload pictures onto the Ebay web site.

Any ideas outh there as to what am I doing wrong? What settings do I need to alter to rectify this inconvenience?

What version of CFP are you using? What rules are you using for your web browser? Versions prior to had an error in the ftp rules for web browsers. Do you get any block messages in your firewall log?

Yes what versions of Comodo and NOD32 are you using. If your using NOD32 3.0 you need to add whatever web browser you are using to the web browser area of NOD32 and put a check make next to it.With Comodo you need to make IE and FF a web browser in firewall rules. (CWY)

Many thanks for the replies to date.

I’m using Comodo V3.0.16.295 and NOD32 3.0.621.0.

The firewall log shows no events.

Sorry, for my ignorance but can you explain what you mean by “make IE and FF a web browser”? Where in the firewall rules do I do this?.

If it helps, the web site I’m trying to work with is: http:/

IE means Internet Explorer and FF means Firefox. (B)

Under “network security policy” there is a list of applications and the rules that govern the firewall activities for them. Which application are you using toupload pictures to eBay? Make sure that it is set as a web browser in the policies so that passive ftp is allowed.

Eventually I found this was not a problem with Comodo, but a conflict between my virus software and the ebay picture upload.