COMODO and Diplomatic Telecommunications Services

Hi, I was looking in the COMODO view connections page, and I saw that “System” was connected to this IP for some seconds: IP Address Lookup for in Fairfax, United States

The Internet says it is a government agency. “The Diplomatic Telecommunications Service” Bureau of Information Resource Management - United States Department of State

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I’m starting to get worried. Is this normal? Or do I have a Trojan or virus or something similar? :o

EDIT; Seems I made a mistake with 245, the Ip is:
Is this the APIPA? And wy “system” need to connect to the internet?

ty for your help

i suggest ( like so many people since so much time … ) that a special rule be added to NOT allow this survey from government / organizations (often unknown and not always legal or legitimate …) but when will it be understood rightly and done ?

I’m not sure if you answered your own question with your edit but just in case, the IP address you’re seeing ( is part of the subnet (also called APIPA (Automatic Private IP Addressing)), you’re assigned one of these addresses when your computer for whatever reason can not obtain an IP address from a DHCP server. You can read more about these addresses here or you could just Google APIPA.

Definition: A feature of Microsoft Windows, APIPA is a DHCP failover mechanism for local networks. With APIPA, DHCP clients can obtain IP addresses when DHCP servers are non-functional. APIPA exists in all modern versions of Windows except Windows NT.

When a DHCP server fails, APIPA allocates IP addresses in the private range to Clients verify their address is unique on the network using ARP. When the DHCP server is again able to service requests, clients update their addresses automatically.

In APIPA, all devices use the default network mask and all reside on the same subnet.

APIPA is enabled on all DHCP clients in Windows unless the computer’s Registry is modified to disable it. APIPA can be enabled on individual network adapters.
Also Known As: Automatic Private IP Addressing; AutoNet
Because APIPA uses IP addresses in the private Class B space, APIPA is a feature generally only useful on home or other small intranet LANs.

The Diplomatic Telecommunications Service Program Office (DTSPO) supports all United States Government departments and agencies operating from Diplomatic and Consular facilities outside of the United States by providing secure, reliable, and robust communications capabilities.

We offer connections to all U.S. Embassy and Consulate facilities around the world. We offer terrestrial, satellite and internet services, international direct-dialing and Voice over IP (VoIP).

Congress created DTSPO in 1992 to provide a way for Government agencies to meet increasing demand for network services given a tight fiscal environment. By taking advantage of economies of scale, and by working with commercial partners on a global scale, we offer rates and network benefits that any one agency could not obtain on its own.

We provide extraordinary reliability all over the world through network redundancy. DTSPO provides 24/7 network support and training to our U.S. Government customers.

do you mean that microsoft is a part of an us embassy ?

No, I mean that hamsterNL initially looked up the wrong IP which resulted in inaccurate information, hamsterNL even admits this in the edit. Every single number in an IP-Address is important, do one wrong and you may get completely different information, in hamsterNLs case he looked up (which is used by DTSPO) while the actual IP in the screenshot is which is part of APIPA.

but false or not; mistake or not ; the question is :

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is a trojan or a virus ?
Is this the APIPA?
And why “system” need to connect to the internet?

you answered why (254) _ ok _ but to be connected with (245) ; is it a trojan, a virus ?
i say it is a bad news and i am not surprised even if it is a mistake
it is that especially i meant.


So far I have not seen anyone on this forum reporting that any process on their computer is connecting to 169.245.x.x so I don’t see what the problem is here. APIPA and DTSPO is not connected in any way whatsoever.

Connecting to is not the same as connecting to the internet, the APIPA addresses are not routable addresses on the internet, they are designed to work on the LAN ONLY.

Virus, trojan? What? What are you even asking here? Are you asking if DTSPO is malware? No they’re a part of the US government it seems like and they have their own IP address like many other companies and governmental bodies… Are you asking if svchost.exe is malware? No, it didn’t even try to connect to dtspo, it never tried to connect to 169.245.x.x it only tried to connect to 169.254.x.x so nothing it did was even remotely similar to malicious activity.

Ok thanks for your reply and information

it was a question from hamster - thx Sanya for your reply & information _ i catched the idea (theory ) but there was his link
(someone other posted here:;msg616733#msg616733
it does not worth a fight -
just a little fun