comodo and counter strike still and still

would have found a solution about the many ones lags and freezes which there can be on counter stike it is a pity really because this firewall is terrible although that one cannot create of the correct rules for each applications indeed, for example ,if I makes rules for firefox :outound connect, remote port 80 and 443, one donot can make a regle which would block all the remainder like jetico
thank you for your reponses and sorry for my bad English because iam french

You certainly can create a rule that allows only traffic on designated ports. That’s what the EXCLUDE option is for.

Create a BLOCK rule, select EXCLUDE and nominate ports 80 and 443. This rule would allow traffic on ports 80 and 443 only, to the exclusion of all other ports.

Ewen :slight_smile:

in application sector or network sector??? because I would like to be able to make this action for each applications…
about counter strike, nothing is blocked in log, i don’t inderstand
good day and thanks for your response