comodo and cisco pix 506

would i be able to run comodo v3 on my xp computer, that is also behind a cisco pix 506 firewall as well? would there be any conflicts, if so how can they be worked around? Thanks


I would say that you should be pretty safe from conflicts. As one firewall is an external hardware firewall and the other on an end device. If you need the extra security I would recommend you try Comodo Firewall 3.


alright thanks, now if the cisco pix blocks some ports and the comodo does not block them, would that cause a conflict, or would i just need to setup the comodo to prevent a possible conflict

This wouldn’t cause a ‘conflict’, as this would simply mean that your Cisco pix was blocking a port and then, obviously, no packets would be forwarded to your computer on that port - so in that case Comodo Firewall wouldnt do anything anyway.


ok cool, so there really shouldnt be to many problems running comodo on a network thats already firewalled by a hardware firewall (cisco pix 506) (sry just to finalize :P)

If you feel that you need the extra protection of a software firewall on your machine, especially Comodo Firewall, you shouldn’t get many/ any problems (or conflicts) with a hardware firewall.


alright awesome thanks, this is for work, they want a certain computer thats on the network with extra security