comodo and callwave

I have trouble getting callwave internet answering machine to work with comodo. Sometimes when someone calls, instead of allowing them to leave a message they hear a busy signal. Sometimes they have to call 4 or 5 times before they’re able to leave a message. I know it’s comodo causing this problem because when I shut comodo down or use a different firewall the problem stops happening. I have tried contacting callwave, but not only can they not figure out what the problem is, they’ve can’t help me figure it out because they’ve never even heard of comodo firewall… Can somebody help me figure this out? Any help is appreciated.

Ok at first I decided to fix the problem by uninstalling comodo and using a different firewall but comodo is just too good so I’d like to switch back, but I can’t unless I know the problem is solved. Anybody willing and able to help?

Did you see any entries in the firewall logs that may have been something to do with callwave?