comodo and blackbox

after RC4, theres something going on with the tray icon…
if i set “stop connections during startup”, i can access sytray menu while there are no connections. when it starts to operate, i lose access to that menu.
if that option is not set, i cant access at all.
also, if application monitor was turned off (from main window) i couldnt re-enable it. thats why i had to go back to stable version, cause then it was always turned off.

RC5 seems to have this problem solved, although tray menu issue remains.
this may be related to the blackbox for win interface or skin… since in th normal sessions without this shell, it works fine.

what can i do? :cry:

(stable version has no problem with bb4win)
(i didnt test RC < 4)

What is blackbox? Can you post an image of what happen?


blackbox (bb4win family) is a shell replacement for Windows.

I’ve had the same issue with RC4. Tray icon without menu ? Everything was fine with RC3.



ok thanx for your reply.
this is what happens
open main window: allow all>> tray icon goes green/ i can access menu
set to block all or custom>> red or normal icon/ no access to menu

but only in blackbox.

i have the same problem as with legion1978.

i remember that this issue doesn’t exist on the stable version, only with the beta version.

the context menu on the taskbar icon doesn’t appear when i right click on it, and it only does when the security configuration is set to “allow all”.

i’m using bblean 1.16 by the way.

any ideas?


ok… it seems nobody cares about this…
RC5 finally ended up jamming all connections and UI got stuck…
im done with this beta thing. ill just go back (again) to stable version and wait till final release.
but plz pay some attention at least!
thnx anyway

backbox == Windows Explorer replacement

I started a v2.4 bug report thread explaining that I’m seeing this exact behavior – can’t set focus on any explorer.exe windows which were present before cpf.exe starts.

It’s not just blackbox. There are many reports that other Windows shells doesn’t work (well) with CFP. Has anyone filed a support ticket yet?

Yes I did… and as I mentioned here:,8061.0.html
the staff reply was ($%&#!) ummm, unencouraging

Sorry to see you’ve got such an unexpected reponse, frazzled. On the bright side, at least you received one. I have a ticket of my own filed on Jan 24 :o without any response 88), but I can see that your status ticket is put on hold, just like mine. There’s some good news to that in that they haven’t closed it. (Right now they must be still focused on version 3).

Well, sometimes support needs to escalate the support questions to developers. However, in order to hit the target dates, we told developers not to do any support until v3 is released… (something we had to do to keep them focussed and diverted to doing a lot of support)… So some support questions are left hanging… sorry about that… but its in the best interest of everyone to make sure v3 is out…

thank you for your understanding…


Just as I expected. That’s why I haven’t replied to that ticket because I wanted to avoid slowing down the team as much as possible on v3 (:WIN).