Comodo and Blackberry Desktop Mgr.. HELP!!

I am trying to update my blackberry via blackberry desktop manager which is the only way and comodo and that great global hook from before and all that wont let it open up all i get is a white screen after two comodo pop ups… One was Global Hook and Other was a screen with toothbrush thing… i blocked both requests cause one is malware that wont go away and other is well i dont know, but stuff doesnt work if i accept that request…

Windows XP
DELL DESKTOP Demension 3000

CIS Version Number:3.8.65951.477

Blackberry Desktop Mgr: version 4.7

need anything else…

blackberry: 8820 hooked up via USB

well i found the problem was the version of desktop manager (4.7) was not the right one for the blackberry (4.2)… so i uninstalled it and is reinstalling the right one… but this damn global hook if you figure that one out let me know cause F it’s annoying…

Hiya… Glad to resolved the Blackberry software issue.

Which particular malware won’t go away???

Have you tried running a scan an removing the malware with SuperAntispyware?? The free verison is On-Demand scan and removal but it’s VERY VERY good at getting rid of those tough to remove malwares! This is in particular because it shuts down memory threats before removing them.


Another good one is : Malwarebytes Antimalware

Run a FULL Scan with Superantispyware and remove any detected threats.

lol i was a big case on here a few months back… “global hook is causing me to go insane” just search global hook, and you’ll find what i was talking about… I still get it everytime i new install something or try to run new programs… its a bitch i got em all… comodo, sas, malware scan, asquared, lol… i should be the impenetrable force, but im slacking somewhere i guess… take a look at all that then if you want to take a stab at it… be my guest…

oh and still never got the blackberry thing to work…