Comodo and Avira

I am a new Comodo (4.1.150349.920) user with a query:

I thought that the settings for the Firewall and Defense+ were separate and independent.

I use Avira AntiVir. So that the Avira update process could occur I added “C:\Program Files\Avira\AntiVir Desktop\update.exe” to My Own Safe Files. However, I expected to have to allow update to have access to the internet but in fact it was not asked for; the Avira update process accessed the internet without any intervention from COMODO. Why does this happen - it does not seem right??

NB: I do not have a tick in “Create rules for safe applications” under Firewall Behaviour Settings".

I have noticed this same behaviour for other Safe Files eg: Sandboxie (

Many thanks.

Are you using CIS or CF?
It may be conflicting :wink:


As soon as you add something to your Safe files it is considered Trusted.

Firewall running in Safe Mode will not ask for permission for Trusted applications.


I downloaded Comodo Internet Security (CIS) but did not install the antivirus. I think that this is therefore the same as Comodo Firewall(CF)?? I cannot see what conflict could occur??

I thought that this was only the case if I have a tick in “Create rules for safe applications” under Firewall Behaviour Settings" which I do not??

If the tick is not needed what does adding the tick do??

I noticed that for Skype, which is a trusted vendor, the Skype application connects to the Skype servers but later I get a Comodo alert asking to give Skype permission to receive a connection from the internet. I do not understand this given your response??

Thanks for your help.

If you tick the box it makes a rule, if is not ticked it just connects without making a rule.

By your answer about Trusted Vendor (I do not use this), I presume a Trusted vendor is not allowed the same permissions as My Safe Files.


Is there any advantages in adding tick and thereby creating a rule?? I cannot see any point in creating a rule if connection is allowed anyway??

Not really unless you wish to change the rule, it is possible to make it more strict if you wish.


Will Comodo treat an application defined as a “Trusted Application” under Defense+ the same as an application defined as My Own Safe Files under Defense+ and in both cases the firewall will allow internet access without intervention??

From a previous post I was advised that Firewall permissions operated separately and independently from Defense+ permissions which now seems to be incorrect??

Sorry cannot help you with that question never use Trusted only Custom rules.

All I know by testing is once you place a process in My Safe Files running both Defense+ and Firewall in Safe mode no restrictions were placed on that process it could do what it liked unless you alter any rules that are made for it.


If I have an application that I want to run on my PC without restriction but I do not want it to access the internet, can I:

  1. Add application to My Own Safe Files so that no problems with Defense+ and application is not sandboxed; then
  2. Make Application a “Blocked Application” under Firewall → Common Tasks → Define a New Blocked Application.

So that restriction from firewall rule overides automatic permission to access the internet as a Safe Files? Will that work??

Is there somewhere that sets out which rules take priority in the event of conflicts??

I do not see why this should not work.

The only problem that I can see it might try to use another application which has rights to the internet.

No not that I know it might be in the help file not sure how up to date it is not checked it recently.