Comodo and Avast

Hey folks, umm, whats Comodo’s install file/s got in it, that makes Avast freeze for a few secs, then crash explorer.exe? I havent installed the latest version of Comodo (yet). But, I’ve noticed that if I open the comodo folder (I’ve made - I’ve put the latest x86 and x64 versions of CIS in it), the mouse moves (but I cant select anything else for 1-3 secs). Then it crashes explorer.exe (As in the icons on the taskbar / desktop disappear, then come back). Why is this? The comodo install files ARE the only files Avast has probs with.

I’ve posted the same ? on the Avast forum, and noone seems to know the answer. One reply said it maybe whatever the install files are packed with (why Avast seems to do something when it scans the folder these install files are in).

Its not me or this system, as everything else on the hdd doesnt have the same prob (As the Comodo install files).

Systems specs. dual core 2.5 6 GB ram, XP Pro x64.

Having more than 1 anti-virus software can cause problems. Use either one, or the other.

I’m NOT using 2 AV programs, as I said (I havent installed Comodo FW or its AV) its Comodo’s install files.

Avast is the only AV I’ve installed. Its WHEN I go into the folder (where comodo’s install files are), and if Avast is running, thats WHEN (what I posted) happens

Before you install Comodo CIS, it is always advisable to disable any current AV software and any other firewall you may be running.

The intaller is practically inert when its folder is opened.

Howerer it would be reasonable to check the installer Digital Signature in order to confirm it to not be corrupted.

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I didnt say I was installing comodo, the question was WHY does Avast freeze when I open the folder the 2 comodo install files are in? And WHAT are the install files packed with, to make Avast freeze? There was NO mention of me installing either version of comodo.

The digital sig says ok on both of them. So neither install file is corrupted. This prob also happens with previous versions of comodo (the install files). I know Avast / comodo is the prob. Because if I disable Avast and open the folder the install files are in, it doesnt freeze. And it doesnt happen to any other file or folder

Installers are packed with PEcompact 2. Apparently Avast or some other component in your system are causing the issue regardless if opening the installer folder triggers it.

Ok then, thats what I was after. I would say Avast is the only thing causing it. Since there’s nothing else on this system that would cause it. I dont think x64 is the prob, because it also happens in XP 32 bit

Hi Speedy.
I am on XP 32 bit with Avast with Comodo 3.5
I too had noticed the same thing when i had installed Comodo, thought it happened to me alone because of my low-config setup. I have the Comodo 3.5 installer file still saved on my hard drive, and after reading your post, did a quick test.

You are right, just hovering the mouse over the file makes the system freeze for a few seconds. I then redid this after putting on Process Explorer, and its ashserv.exe (the Standard Shield module of Avast) that hogs the CPU and records furious I/O activity.

However, i would like to point out an interesting thing. I momentarily disabled the Standard shield. then right clicked the Comodo file and did a quick scan. ashquick.exe worked fine without any freezes. Scan report was:
“Number of scanned files:147
Total size of scanned files: 120MB”

Thats huge compression. May be causing the freeze. But strange why only Standard Shield freezes, not the Quick Scan.

Thank you Cim! Thats exactly what I’m talking about. I shall post this in the Avast forum.

At least I know (1) I’m not the only one having this prob (2). I’m not going mad. Cheers

Hello! Who can help me! For some time using avast antivirus and comodo firewall with defense + (set to “proactive defense”), everything went perfect Windows load faster, but with the transition from version 3.8 to 3.9, windows move very hard stage “welcome screen” in windows itself! What is the reason? Thanks!

Hi Speedy Gonzales,

If I understood the request correctly and what you pointed later the CIS is not installed yet.
The behaviour is almost the same here except the crash :slight_smile:
If I would try to, say get Properties of CIS_Setup_xxxx_XP_Vista_x32.exe it will take a substantial time until Properties window is displayed. AVG goes crazy if you look into ProcessExplorer or Task Manager… but nothing will crash here and I can get the resulting properties page window.

Most likely the answer given to you about packer is close to reality, but Avast cannot handle that properly when scanning “onAccess”

My regards

p.s. *** edited too late here I have to be more attentive, since Endymion said practically the same already :-[

I have both Avast and Comodo installed on my pc. I’m using 32bit XP. I’m using the current version of Comodo and I hovered my mouse over the install file and nothing happened.

When I started using Comodo from version 3.6 I think and from that moment on I only updated it via the updater so I wouldn’t know if version 3.7 or 3.8 would react in the same manner as you guys speak of should I hover my mouse over it.