Comodo and Avast

Hi, regardless of the fact that I allowed AVAST to connect to the internet in order to update, the Comodo firewall keeps me asking this over and over again… :-\ Is there a solution for this problem? (:SAD)


I also use Avast HE, but I have not really seen what you have described. However, I have seen Avast’s update initially fail to connect. In these cases Avast’s setup abandoned the original setup process, added 2 to name & tried again. Since the name has changed, CFP prompts again. But, I’ve not seen CFP keep re-prompting for Avast without any reason. Can you post a CFP Log entry as an example?

To be honest I don’t know how to do this but I will send a snapshot of the window that keeps popping up ok ? :-[

Yep, that’s fine. It’s just that the Log usually contains more detail. You can post CFPs Log entry by the following… Open CFP, Activity tab, Logs. Right click on the Log & select Export to HTML. Open the exported HTML file in your default browser & use a simple click-drag-select - Copy ‘n’ Paste to post examples here. Please remember to mask any private IP numbers, thanks.


Please remember to mask any private IP numbers, thanks.

oh oh : this is way beyond my knowledge … I’ll stick to the snapshot … sorry :-[

No need to worry, if you accidentally posted something private then either I or another Mod would remove it for you.