Comodo And AV-C

With all the drama of he said-she said, promises made, promises broken, infractions, polarizings, warnings, confusions…the fact is: the cat’s out of the bag and it wasn’t red and it wasn’t labeled “COMODO”. 88)

Question is … how do you feel? ;D

To Ponder: was quite surprised by avas1’s results. a little weird considering they were pretty poor last time around.

another To Ponder: has anyone ever wondered - “what about the samples that weren’t in the test, but an Anti-Virus detects them? example: XYZ AV detects 90% in the test… but what about all those malwares which it detects but they are not in AV-C’s freakin collection? How would one account for that?” :o ???

another To Ponder: ??? 659,000 trojans! wouldn’t they all have 1 thing in common. Opening a port on your pc?


I discovered a new word, miffed :slight_smile:
Well, I’m a little bit disappointed, but there’s a next time.
I’m not disappointed because it was promised, but I’d like to see how CAV performs.
And if it peforms well, it will attract more customers. It’s a little bit sad to not see Comodo in the list because it’s a good software and it would be free advertising for them.

It’s of academic interest only, it doesn’t seem to relate to real world experience.

I don’t know why anyone would pay to enter the competition as they can’t all come out top.

I am gonna KILL myself because Comodo was not in AV-C test!!!
Seriously people, IT’S JUST A TEST!
Program works. Program protects. Program is tested daily.
Are we gonna have a new topic about this every single day until we die?

Just kidding, yo…

AV-C is not the only one, there would be more… Patience…
I hope I didn’t break the forum policy with the kill thing… O0

Seriously, how many topics are we gonna have on this issue?

Will this test show how Comodo can secure the users?



Problem: Saiyan’s worried about the number of threads created on a board? No worries, we got an answer.
Solution: Take your left hand, make sure its “palm faced up” and bring it into contact with your cheek, with high velocity. Take a note of the kinetic energy released. Write it down. Problem … solved.

@ Melih: You and I (and lots of other people) know that these test’s… or any tests for that matter don’t really mean or show anything. And they surely won’t show Comodo’s biggest strength, D+ (with or without the sandbox). I, for one, am grateful for having the liberty to post in this forum. I think people sometimes forget that and take things for granted (making demands and all). Hope you voted… :wink:

Thank you Slangen… Comodo offers a “new” kind of protection, as you very well know, and many people out there are yet to be educated about this “new” security and how it can be tested.

Many still don’t realise that this test will NOT prove if CIS can protect or not, because AV component is NOT used to provide security within CIS architecture, unlike other AV providers.

So we have to make them think by asking this question:

Will this test show how Comodo can secure the users?



we know that the answer to your question is NO.

But, for all other uneducated non-CIS users the answer is YES.
The lack of AVC certificate is one of their strongest arguments against CIS.

These tests do not show degree of protection of a produc. Can detect 99.9% of viruses if that 0.1% destroy your pc/work … ; can detect 90% but remaining 10% dont destroy your pc/work.
Such tests produce more confusion than show which product will protect you (suggest the idea, involuntarily, a product with a greater detection will protect your PC).

Melih you are right and the answer is no. We only want to see how is going the development of the av component noting more than that.

So shall we continue to feed their ignorance? or shall we educate them?

Shall we continue to let them think these tests will show CIS security? or Shall we try to educate them about today’s reality and how things work and how CIS protects?


you broke your promise. the fact that there is a nda means that comodo was tested and you do not want us to see how bad your score was. i can not trust you anymore :cry:

Why do you need to take someone else’s word for it? Just test it out yourself. If I want to see if a program works well I try it out myself. That’s what I did and Comodo does an excellent job of keeping a clean computer clean. I have tried them all and doesn’t get any better than CIS 2011. Best of all its free.

Do you think this detection test shows you how much CIS can secure you?

No, but it does not hurt to test. Even if Comodo will fall ill (which I doubt)
This will not change anything (by your reasoning). Comodo will continue to be well secured. We want to have an overview of the anti-virus and its effectiveness.

The on-demand test won’t no,but in order to take part in the dynamic/pro-active testing which will tell us how much CIS can secure us then you have to be in the on-demand.

something to keep in mind guys. Comodo is fighting to build up an AV ( signatures and engine) agaisnt companies that have been in business for over 25 years. Remember they have gotten where they are right now in about 2 years. Remember to keep that in perspective.

The reason why time matters is because the longer a company has been around two things happen, they have had much more samples submitted to them, and their AV processing system has become very lean, they have it down pat. Comodo is still working at getting samples (which has increased 100 fold with the new automatic submission), now they are working at being able to process all of the files received. I bet they can easily receive hundreds of thousands of files per day and with only 500 employees world wide compared to symantec which has over 17,000 employees it just takes them way longer to go over all of the files. They have developed automatic systems but there is only so much they can do, it sometimes still takes a live person sitting in front of a computer to decode the file and classify it.

I wonder, if malware is run in the sandbox, will AV-C restart it’s machine on every sandboxed malware to confirm there is no bypass?

The obvious answer is… it’s a marketing tool.
It would be so much easier to shut Symantec’s trap by saying “look at AVC’s result, your AV is worse than ours”.
And they exactly did that, they shut down the challenge by saying “get a result from AVC or else…” and they won. They didn’t have to lift a finger, Comodo wasn’t in this test and we don’t know why.

If it was too early, don’t say you submitted the AV for a review. We know that 2 years is very early.