Comodo and Arovax Shield

They seem to be conflicting… I think another user posted it somewhere… But he was using the beta’s… I just downloaded the 2.4… Rebooted computer… and it froze… Uninstalled Arovax Shield, rebooted again… Worked fine. This is using Arovax Shield 2.0.70. It worked fine with the past version of Comodo.

I think (but I’m not in a position to verify this currently) that it only plays up during the installation of the firewall. Once the firewall is up and running, Arovax Shield should be OK.

If you reinstall Shield after installing the firewall, can you please repost and let us know the result.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I reinstalled Arovax Shield… and booted around 6 times… and this is exactly what happens…

Winamp tray icon loads
Either Comodo or A-Shield tray icon loads… Then the other one does…
Nothing else loads (Kaspersky and Windows Live Messenger should)
I click somewhere… Wherever I click dissapears (say I click on the ccleaner icon it goes away)
I can move the mouse for like 3 seconds… and then it freezes…
Same process


Thanks for testing this for us. I would recommend that you go to, register and lodge a support ticket on this.

It would be a crying shame if Shield and CFP are incompatible, as Shield is an excellent, lightweight HIPS.

When they provide an aswer, can you please post the results back here for the benefit of others.

Ewen :slight_smile:

This is what they said… I shall do it when I have time I guess… Though I hate fiddling with windows booting up and other ■■■■…

"I suspect there might be some compatiblity issue.So i kindly request you to
redownload the product and reinstall it in a clean boot.

Please go through the following link to perform a clean boot in Windows XP

You can download latest version of firewall from the following link

If still the problem persist kindly send us the following information.
Operating system with service pack information.
Internet explorer version.
Other security software you are having.
Version of program you are using.

Technical Support"

I don’t see the point in this considering the last version worked fine with A-Shield and this one doesn’t… I didn’t update Arovax Shield to get this issue, I updated Comodo… So something in this new version is causing the freezing… But I’ll do this anyway if they think it will help.

If any other users are experiencing this please post here! Or even better, follow the steps above so I don’t have to and post if you still get the error lol. Jk’s I’ll do it sometime within the next 3 days.

Hello, teno he himself problem, I have reinstalado arovax shield and cogela the computer.


Pardon me… But can you speak in English? I don’t mean to be rude… But I cannot understand that.

I did what he said and the issue still happens… And this was after I reinstalled XP… And I only installed CFP 2.4 and Arovax Shield…

Yes i have confirmed this. We will issue a fix shortly. Until that time, deselecting Security->Advanced->Misc.->Protect own keys and files from unathorized modifications should fix the issue.


I was the one that posted it. Just look through the last several release candidates 5, 4 and 3 if I remember correctly. One time someone said they could not reproduce the crashing and other times no one said anything about it. And since it was happening in RC5 I knew I had to get the attention of someone, so I went to Arovax’s forums to see if they could reproduce the problem and hopefully get it fixed before Comodo became final.

Will the fix be in a beta? Or another final version with bug fixes that have been posted lately.

Hehe, please don’t be so anxious. The development team works at CFP 3. They want to release it at March.

ps.This Tuesday will be released an update of CFP. Lets hope that the fix will be included :slight_smile:

Heh, well it kept getting booted down to page 4 quite quickly… And I don’t think many people look past the first 3 pages… Thanks for the note about a new release Tuesday :).

Lol… PS is what happens when Q and R are taken out of the alphabet lol.