Comodo and application monitor

I have a question. I recently deleted a lot of programs from my hard drive. Since many of them used the internet, I went into Comodo and removed all programs from the application monitor and all components from the component monitor to start fresh again.

I then went through my most used programs and started them up to “allow” them to access the internet through Comodo. Comodo requested permission on all of them, but Spybot S&D and Ad-Aware SE. Those two programs were able to access the internet and check for updates without being asked by Comodo for permission.

They are not listed in the application monitor dialog. Why are they able to access the internet without Comodo catching them and asking for permission?

At least these are trusted programs, my concern is that some malware may be able to do the same thing. When I initially installed Comodo, it asked for permission on these two programs.

Hi, tigreseis. Welcome to the forum.

Spybot and Ad-Aware didn’t alert you when they connected out because they are certified apps. Only programs (other than user-defined ones in the Application Monitor rules) that are on the big safe database of CFP can connect without such alerts. If you wanted to see the alerts go to: Security tab > Advanced > Miscellaneous > Configure > Do not show any alerts for the applications certified → this is the relevant option to toggle.

Thanks for the reply. I figured that out, but when I initially installed Comodo, it asked for permission from Spybot and Ad-Aware. I have never unchecked that box under “advanced-miscellaneous”

That’s odd. I never had any prompts for spybot (when I used to have it) under the default setup. I assume this was with v2.4?

There’s actually something else I remember: if the parent executable is something other than explorer.exe that starts those programs then you will be prompted. For example, uTorrent is also a cert app, but if I load it with my browser instead of loading it via my desktop shortcut, I will be prompted by the Application Monitor.

May I ask why this thread was moved?

Spybot and Ad-aware were loading from the desktop not being called. Thanks for elaborating on my question though.

That was my error. Thousand pardons :-[. I’ve moved it back to Help.

Let’s see if we can get someone else with any ideas why to answer this.

It may just be that the safelist database has been updated lately adding Spybot, but before this was updated was when you had an alert.

You can easily see which applications are certified by going into the application monitor and clicking on the application, then seeing what the ‘security risk’ is for that application at the bottom. If it says ‘SAFE’ then it a certified application.


I am running now. That is the latest I believe. I have updated Comodo 2x since I started using it (I tried Comodo in the 1.x era, but I had a lot of problems access the internet with it).

So what you are saying is that Spybot might not have been recognized as a safe application 2 iterations ago?

Yes, the latest safelist database is version 3, which has been updated only recently.

Spybot was already recognized with CFP 2.3.6.xx and database 1.2 if I correctly recall.


Do you know what version it was of CFP when you initially installed it - or roughly how long ago it was.


I know that Comodo has updated 2x since I installed it. I don’t think it has been longer than a month, but I coiuld be wrong. All I know for sure is that I have automatically updated two times since installing Comodo.

By the way, I think it is the best firewall by far. I have tried ZoneAlarm, Sygate, Kerio, Jetico, Look&Stop, Kaspersky, Tiny, Winxp and Onecare.

This should put it at version 2.3. The reason Soybeaner had an alert, but not you, maybe because of something changing as soyabeaner mentioned earlier. (new parent, cryptographic signature, or the app doing something suspicious would still trigger an alert.)