Comodo Always blocks All

I’ve installed Comodo Firewall today. Even activated it before reboot. But after reboot I can’t connect to any computer in my lan. Even if I set “Allow All” and disable all application control it doesn’t solve the problem. Logs didn’t contain any information.

I’ve created rule allowing access for one computer in the lan to check and moved it up. But the problem didin’t solve.
If you need any screenshots I’ll send.

Hi and welcome,

You need to set a trusted zone for your network. To do this see the following tutorial by Ewen (Panic):

You need internet explorer to view the tutorial.

Also, there are some posts in the FAQ for CPF thread which have some information on setting up CPF on a LAN.


It’s a good tutorial but the problem is not solved.
I’ve created a trusted zone and all rules.

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