Comodo allowing programs connection to the net without notifcations.

Hi everyone, i recently switched over to vista. running the latest comodo with nod32 & vista up to date. my problem is that comodo is allowing programs to connect to the internet without notifications even if i crank the firewall security to custom policy mode. The only programs that have popped up with notifications were nod32 & msn. Programs such as itunes, adobe updater, firefox/ie etc… are passing through without my consent. Is there a setting iam missing which should be enabled? thanks in advance.

This is a result of the Safe software list. It is designed to reduce the number of alerts that people have to deal with. The list contains programs that are common and from known sources. If you want to have control over those programs, you would have to write a rule controlling their permissions manually in the Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy page.

you could also turn of the safe list in the firewall by moving the Firewall>Advanced>Firewall Behavior Settings > General Settings - to Custom.
If you want to stop programs that have already been allowed you will have to delete them from Firewall>Advanced>Network Security Policy > Application Rules
in Custom the firewall will not use the safe list however D+ will continue to unless you turn that off also.


D+ is disabled. Changing my firewall behaviour to Custom Policy Mode still uses the safelist as popups to control programs internet access have not increased. Is there another way of disabling the safelist?

you need to enable d+ and remove all firewall rules for the app you want alerts. If you want more alerts you can chande yhe firewall alert leve but don’t raise it to very high.

If you want D+ to not use the safe list out it into Paranoid Mode Clean mode does not use Safe list eithr but it assumse al programs on your PC are safe and build a safe list from that. I am not sure if it uses this safelist for the firewallaso or if it uses the comodo Approved Safelist for the fire wall in this case.

I use “Custom Mode” for the firewall and “Clean PC Mode” for D+

As gilbran said

O.k. I reinstalled to the latest version going through the steps a little more carefullly and leaving D+ enabled. The firewall now works. (thank you) but now in my D+ it says they’re are a couple 1000 files waiting for my review is there a way to disable the reviewing part. thanks.

No way. You can purge that list to reduce the number of files. and then lookup for these files. After that you can select all files and remove them or chose to move some of them in the safe list.

I once did an install that wrote 2500 files to the safe list. Fortunately I knew that it was a safe install and so I just selected all files and clicked Remove. Done. The list is really only there to allow you to review new or changed files on your HD. The Lookup and Submit features allow you to verify the safety of the files you don’t know about.