COMODO all version got some net connections issue


any comodo version i use NEVER make this (and simmer) plugin to work , some times u have to wait almost 1 minute till it connect to any radio station in your list , some time it will NEVER connect.

just to make thing right , there are some plugins that reqired net access and fails in comodo.

its gratuitous to mention its work fine on google chrome.

Hi demoneye,
I haven’t tried radio player live myself but it is worth trying the following,
Under the hood un-tick the following if you have this ticked Do not allow websites to know where you came from (suppress HTTP Referrer header).
Kind regards.

i already try it before psoting , doesnt work :frowning:

Have you tried disabling Secure DNS if you have it enabled?

same goes for that , i try disable it beforeposting it doesnt work for this plugin and many more who need net access

Hi demoneye,
This does sound like a possible bug, if you agree you might like to consider submitting a bug report.
Bug reports here.
Bug report guidelines here.
Thanks from Captainsticks.

Just tried this with 17.3. It takes around 7 seconds for a station to start playing after selection. Are there any particular stations you use?

I’m not having any issues here either. Buffering takes several seconds, then the station starts playing. I’ve tried six stations, and all played just fine.

As I mentioned in your bug report thread, more information needs to be provided by you.

Please add the system information necessary for a bug report in your bug report thread…

try adding “m2 love” , “m2 digital” , “m2 radio” “radio scoope 80” , “radio scoop love”

all not working or after LONG time .
i have google chrome 17 here also and all of above load in sec and play.


you may try this plugin also , none of the radio station even played , no matter how long i waited

It’s a mixed bag. I went through around 30 stations, some loaded quickly, some didn’t. The stations you mentioned did take quite a while to start playing. I tried the same stations in chrome 17.936 and all started playing more quickly than Dragon.

YES , that what i was talking about , y may try load same station i mention over and over again u will some sometimes thes refuse to load .