comodo alerts

It would be helpfull if when setting up comodo for the first time the sandbox pop up and the allow/block pop up where not so close together , as its easy to click on block when you wanted to click on do not isolate this again , why put all pop ups on the right hand side and pop up at the same time , this is however no criticism as i like a quick responsive firewall , comodo is like a ferrari compared to mcafees public transport , talk about slow , mcafee is so over bloated its unreal , a program already has access to the net before mcafee kicks in , comodo is there , ■■■■ on 10 out of 10 to comodo , mcafee go back to the drawing board its rubbish lol .

It is annoying, but you can move the D+ and Firewall alert boxes by grabbing them at the top and dragging them (same as moving any Windows frame).

This depends on where you have your taskbar. As I nave a widescreen I prefer it to take a bit off the side, so have it on the left. If you do that the sandbox alerts are in the bottom left corner of the screen.

Not sure if it is the same in all versions of Windows, but in 7 if you right click the taskbar and choose Properties you can change the location.

Thanks both , just a old trick i forgot it just never occured to me , thx both .
Bit off topic but here is some extracts of a email i sent to bt earlier today ,
I bought this broadband package with mcafee net protect included apparently worth £49.99 and it is total ■■■■ , since removing this rubbish product that you supplied with the package all my pc’s run better and faster , mcafee is so slow to kick in , its like a policeman on a bike chasing a bank robber in a ferrari , its a bloody joke
i have put on all my pc’s comodo internet security for free and it is not just twice as good its at least 10 times better than the total bolox that you supply with mcafee , personally i think you should refund everyone that you sold this deal to as it is obvious even to a blind man that it is ■■■■
yet i was sold this on the understanding that my pc’s would be protected they are now they were not before with mcafee , its over bloated and to slow for a modern pc ie anything made before noah’s bloody ark ,
you advertise bt broadband with mcafee internet security , yet that security is not present as most benchmark tests will prove , you should advertise it as bt broadband with mcafee internet security were so full of holes your details will be available to all and sundry within 24hrs
why on earth do you continue to use the tripe when even yourselves dont use the junk , supply your customers with proper software not some dogs dinner served up as a cordon bleu dish
yours fed up with rip off merchants lol .
What are the lights on *
your router doing?
Include the colour of each light and whether it is constant or flashing

there doing fine thankyou , one was flashing but not now as he appears in court on friday , the colour was bright red when the policewoman caught it flashing , lmao