Hello. I hope someone can help me with this problem I’m having with a program from “Logitech” I’ve already sent a Q to Logitech and as of this post have not recieved a reply. This is a copy of the message sent to Logitech…Hello. I’ve just purchesed the “Attack 3” joystick and i have some concerns. Since downloading your software from your website (Logitech Profiler) I’ve noticed that EVERY time i open a new application my “COMODO Firewall Pro” with “Defense + Security” isues me a HIGH LEVEL SECURITY ALERT indicating that “LWEMon.exe” is trying to access ALL other programs in memory which will give “LWEMon.exe” COMPLEAT CONTROL over the aplication i"m opening. This is NOT a NORMAL action for a safe program!!! I have been BLOCKING ALL such requests as i’m unsure of “LWEMon.exe” intensions. Please respond to this matter ASAP. Thanks…All i downloaded from Logitech is the software to operate my “Attack 3” jotstick. Can anyone shed some light on this matter? Thanks.

ps I’ve included a screen shot of the alert for referance.

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I get the same thing for LWEMON.EXE as a result of installing a Logitech steering wheel. Make LWEMON.EXE a Safe File, by using DEFENSE+ → COMMON TASKS → MY OWN SAFE FILES

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But as the alert say it wants to have full control over the other program…including my firewall and antivirus program. This in not normal is it? :THNK

I think it’s quite normal…


Yep, it is normal and will not compromise your PC in any way.

It wants full control, and it wants this in case you have configured the other program to use your Logitech device. For example, although games like Call of Duty (for example) don’t directly support steering wheels, I can set it up in the Logitech Wingman Monitor (LWMMON.EXE) software so that accellerator = forward, brake = back, gear up = next weapon, gear down = pervious weapon etc.

All LWEMON.EXE is doing is checking to see if the newly started application requires its services. If it doesn’t, it immediately relinquishes control.

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Ok thanks to all that answered my Q. I’ve been in contact with other ppl & forums about this issue and have gotten the same :-TU in regards to this program. So i guess this brings to an end this thread. END

Locked & Resolved! :slight_smile: Don’t hesitate to PM me or another mod if you need this thread reopened.