Comodo Alert Reduction

I installed Comodo Firewall , with the option ‘’ alert reduction ‘’ enabled like it is at default.

Then i checked the firewall settings , and it said ‘’ allow all requests ‘’

So it allows all requests , how is that safe ?

Then the firewall is the same as the Windows firewall , or am i missing something ?

Then i reinstalled Comodo and disabled the alert reduction and set the configuration at ProActive and installed Avast! Free with it.

Hi, yes I’m confused about this too. I installed Comodo thinking it would be safer (and easier) than Windows FW and thought nothing more of it. I was pleased to not have any popups like when I had Comodo a couple of yrs ago on a different system. I was happily thinking it was automatically recognising safe applications and letting them through but I had to check something so I started to have a look closer.

Now I too am thinking that the default settings (as installed) are just to let anything out, “Allow all Outgoing requests” seems to be the default app rule and there is NO default Global block rule.

Is this safe? I’d be interested to hear comments on this.

Its not safe. I say, one can do everything for userfriendlyness, but should mention all what this means for reduced security, so the user can make an educated choice. Alert reduction sounds like a feature, but its rather a reducing of effective functionallity.
The windows firewall is very userfriendly. But thats it.
When people get (a real firewall) they expect to be better protected. I will never understand why “reducing alerts” doesnt ring alarm bells when its about a firewall. And why its integrated at all.

A firewall is not meant to be silent, its meant to be close.

When you have a dangerous file, and it isnt inserted in the sandbox (hopefully the sandbox would fire an alarm for outgoing traffic), then this file can phone home without a question. Thats NOT safe.

Userfriendly and “safe” would be:
“Look, if you want to allow a program to use the internet, allow (TCP/UDP) outgoing for it”.
Everyone would understand that, and would have total control. One program, one answer, silence.
Not a two way firewall that is reduced to a one way firewall. I dont get it.