Comodo alert freeze

I have an issue with the latest CIS on Windows XP SP3…

Whenever a firewall/defense+ alert appears, if i click on the filename to see the properties, Comodo freezes completely. If I leave it like this, sometimes will respond after over 10 minutes…

Has anyone else encountered this problem? Any suggestions on how to fix it?

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That’s odd. What version of CIS are you using? Look under Miscellaneous → About? Since when is this problem happening?

What other security applications do you have installed? Which ones do also run in the background? Try disabling them and see if that helps.

Are you on a 32 bits or 64 bits version of XP? Just found a topic with similar problem Choosing Properties on an D+ alert freezes both the target program and D+.

I’m using CIS 3.13.125662.579 (just Firewall and Defense+) on Windows XP 32bit
I also have installed Avast 5.0.332 Beta. I tried to disable Avast but the problem was not fixed.

I’m now also using Comodo Time Machine… So I’ll try to uninstall some of my programs (including Avast) to see if it makes any difference…

[Later edit]
I uninstalled some programs that It thought could interfere with CIS: Avast, Sandboxie, WindowSpace, CFI Shelltyoys, Taskbar Shuffle, HashTab… But CIS still freezes when click to view the file properties.

And still the same after I updated to version .581.
Should I to reinstall CIS?

What process is eating up all the CPU cycles? Is it cmdagent.exe?

The CPU usage is normal… And only the Comodo GUI freezes.

Try the following.

We are gonna take a look to see if there are some old drivers of your previously uninstalled security programs are still around. Go to Device Manager → View → show hidden devices → now look under Non Plug and Play drivers → when you see a driver that belongs to your previous security programs click right → uninstall —> reboot your computer.

When the problem persists make sure there are no auto starts from your previous security programs. Download Autoruns and run it.

This program finds about all auto starts in Windows. This tool can therefore seriously damage Windows when not handled properly. After starting go to Options and choose to hide Windows and Microsoft entries, to include empty locations and then push F5 to refresh.

Now check all entries to see if there are references to your previous security program. When you find them untick them. After unticking reboot your computer and see what happens.

I think I found the culprit… A program called TeraCopy.
If I uninstall it, CIS alert window doesn’t freeze anymore when I try to view the file properties.
I’ve also managed to replicate the problem on a Virtual Machine.

Good testing.:-TU

I’ve now installed CIS 4 Beta and the problem is gone…

I have the same problem with COMODO Firewall 4

I am using:
Windows XP Home Edition SP3
COMODO Internet Security (only D+ / Fw) 4.0.141842.828
Avira AntiVir Personal
TeraCopy 2.12

The file I was trying to get properties from was update.exe that was trying to connect to Internet.

Edit: After waiting about 10 minutes the properties appeared. Seems like the update.exe is Avira AntiVir’s updater.
Edit 2: It happens with both: Comodo Defense+ alerts and Comodo Firewall alerts.

Edit 3: Today when I tested this bug again it was different than before! After waiting the 15 minutes the properties window appeared but some strange COMODO Defense+ alert also appeared! I pressed the “Cancel” button on it. Then I got an COMODO Error Report! I filled the report very detailed and sent it.
I attached a picture of that new strange alert pop-up to this post. Look at comodo1.JPG

Edit 4: It has happened with all files so far (update.exe, softinfo.exe). Avira AntiVir Personal updated.

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