Comodo alert about MS Outlook attempting a mass mailing

While using a webmail service I subscribe to and typing my comments in the message box of a message I was trying to forward to 3 business associates, Comodo popped up an alert message (see attached .jpg) saying it had detected a program that was trying to do a mass mailing. The program was Microsoft Outlook, which I was not even running at the time I got the Comodo alert! Can someone explain why that happened? I don’t think my laptop is infected with a mass mailing worm virus because I’ve been “scrubbing” it a lot lately.


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Hi BizB, welcome to the forums.

Were you using Internet Explorer and/or was Outlook running in the background?

Also what was the webmail service that you were using?

I ask since, firstly whilst the message might sound very alarming, it does just mean that a program was sending an email without direct user interaction (a previously composed email waiting in the outbox, counts here). Additionally, MSIE does use outlook components, as do some web email clients where MSIE is the required browser.