Comodo Agent is using all my CPU!

Hi, I have a problem with Comodo agent (cmdagent.exe). It use all my CPU, so my computer is very low. Task Manager says: cmdagent.exe: CPU 99% (:AGY)
Help me!

That’s VERY strange!! cmdagent is a SERVICE, that is installed by CFP and as such it doesn’t normally show up under Processes/CPU in the Taskmanager but under Services.

Did you start it manually by any chance?
Does it show up under services in the taskmanager as well? (that would explain the high CPU utilisation
Did you ever try to end/kill the process??


Yes, I try to kill the process, but task manager says me “Acces Hopeless”. If I shutdown the Firewaal, cmdagent works anyway!

Well duh…of course you cant stop the service in taskmanager. That would defeat the main purpose of a firewall. If you could stop it then so could any hacker or malware. As as CPU usage its fine on my end with XP. Sure what else is running in the backround?

The main problem I see: we need to find out WHY the service cmdagent shows up uncder Processes.
Does it show under Services as well???
I would recommend, to load the fantastic freeweare “AUTORUNS” from Sysinternals (Mark Rossinovich) which is much more powerful than msconfig

With that program, you could check more thorough, if and where cmdagent.exe is called twice.
Other than that I must assume a faulty install and can only recommend to download CFP again, do a complete uninstall followed by a reboot and a clean install of CFP
(just check after the reboot, if cmdagent still appears in your process list)

Good Luck

Hi Genialloyd,

What version of Comodo Firewall do you use? Try latest 3.0.18 and see whether it makes any difference.

I’m having also a high cpu usage by cmdagent, and it happens just after the boot up process. In my case the cmdagent eats about 25% cpu because I have a quad core, and this cpu usage remains about 2 minutes, and then the system works normally. One or two times only the cmdagent started eating cpu again several hours after the boot up process. And this behavior started with the last comodo firewall upgrade.

Hi Viktor,

Try uncheck one item at time under defense+ ->advanced->defense+ settings->monitor settings (snapshot attached) till problem disappears. What item causes CPU load?
Also you may want disable some autorun items to see whether it makes any difference (e. g. use Autoruns which SledgeDG mentioned in his message). What application/service/driver is not active when cmdagent doesn’t cause CPU load and all D+ monitor settings are turned on?

Do you have same results if you re-install latest 3.0.18 from scratch (don’t do this if you have already performed clean install of 3.0.18)?

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The item that caused cpu load is CMDAGENT.EXE. I know very well what programs starts up, and are the same as before the last upgrade. The cpu load begins some seconds after the system booted up, and remains for about two minutes, then stops. I’ve not tried with a clean install with the last version, maybe I’ll try today.
Thank you for your support.

I’ve unistalled Comod Firewall 3 and cleaned the registry. Reinstalled, and now the cpu usage problem seems to be a thing of the past.