comodo agent can´t execute

I´m using CIS for several months and no problem, but a few days ago I found the icon (at the bottom right corner) has a yellow signal so I opened it and I can see that comodo tell me that the COMODO agent aplication can´t execute, so I did click in execute diagnosis and it told me that it found some problems but the diagnosis utility wasn´t able to fix them and it gave me a log.
This log is a xml file so I have changed its extension to .txt so I can attach it to this topic, anyway, so you just have to re-change the extension to .xml to see it.

anybody knows something about this issue?

Thanks a lot in advance and regards

[attachment deleted by admin]

Can you check with Task Manager if cmdagent.exe is running or not? Did you recently install new software on your computer? Try uninstalling that to see if the fixes the problem for you.