Comodo abruptly stopped working this morning

First happened on facebook, then the rest of my websites were inaccessible. IE loaded them fine. Did not have Comodo DNS enabled. It works now except for the fact I cannot load the Java plugin even though I updated it to the latest release. This Java problem started happening after both 24 releases and yes it is enabled in the Dragon:plug-ins. Tried all the troubleshooting from Oracle and still won’t work.

…B U T - do you absolutely “KNOW”, that you absolutely “NEED” Java?..

…also, did you modify your connection properties to use comodo dns - that would do the same thing as “enable malware domain filtering” FOR ALL BROWSERS even if the malware domain filtering box in unchecked - did you use the “switch now” thing?..

…also, I’m beginning to wonder if this recent java plague, associated with the comodo stuff I’ve been seeing since v24, might be because of the “rushed” java patch the other day…

…the entire debacle…

Nope, Java problem started prior to the last release. In addition the inability to display web pages is happening whether or not I am using the Comodo DNS servers. With all the issues I have been experiencing with CD lately I am seriously thinking of using the Maxthon or IE browsers. Very disappointed in CD lately.