COMODO able to block captures MSN chat across all computers in the same LAN?

i love comdo internet security very much and i have a few questions please , dose COMODO firewall able to block this software msn sniffer and http sniffer? because im in lan network and im afraid very much about my conversation , passwords …etc

here is one of this software can spy

MSN Sniffer 2 is world’s first sniffer to automate MSN chat capturing and impact analysis. After installed on one computer, it captures MSN chat across all computers in the same LAN, analyze and save into database for future analysis.

ace password sniffer very danger software
Ace Password Sniffer
Capture usernames and passwords sent through http, ftp, smtp, pop3, telnet !!! ??? >:( so COMODO able to protect me ? if the answer no can any give another solutions please ?

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I dont think so, CIS and other firewalls can only control what happens in your PC. CAVS did detect some of the sniffers, (if your afraid its installed on your system by someone else)

However COMODO does have its own chat program that encrypts all connections this would prevent any sniffers from getting your passwords:

Hope this helps.

thanks very much for this software , but i tested the program in my LAN network its working 100 % without install any files on others computers please take a look may be you can find any solution.

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I took a look at the demo of the program on the web site. As far as I understand it needs to be installed on each computer it wants to spy on. If that is the case Comodo will see it and you should be able to block it (this is under the assumption it is not hiding its self).

Thanks for reply but this programs working %100 without install any files on other computers in my LAN networks

The CISCO routers can detect the sniffer people and block him because its contain ANTI spoof technology and ANTI Sniff and only 1 firewall can detect and block the sniffer people and terminate the connection with him , but i never leave comdo its very strong but i wish to add anti spoof technology the next version , any way i cannot provide you here with firewall name but i will send Privet Message soon.

If it is only one program then it can only sniff other people’s traffic when the LAN is built with hubs and not with switches. Unless the router gets involved in the process.

Those softwares you talked about(including ‘effetech’) have been used for beginners over 12 years.
(I had used it 12 years ago)
It’s really old one. But it works still.
It can be used only under LAN system.
Any firewall(home user’s) can’t protect it including CIS.
If you want to use safe internet, you need to use full encrypted connection.
(all of your packets should be encrypted ,like secure VPN)
Also some ISP provide people secure connection but it’s expensive.(the network cable is separated from
public users or ‘secure VPN’)
Otherwise you and your ISP can’t prevent Sniffing.

MSN: there is an add-on can encrypt your messages.(free)
Website log in: If you use the website which is protected by SSL, your login info can be protected.
Games: If the game company doesn’t provide you encrypted log in service, your login info will not be protected.

You don’t need to install it to other computers.(it’s different one, there are many msn sniffers what you are
talking about)
It can capture the packets on the LAN environment.

I’ve tested many CISCO switches, routers including other switches and routers for a long time.
But most of them can’t protect sniffing.
‘contain ANTI spoof technology and ANTI Sniff’ is marketing tactics.
That’s why VPN and secure connection exist.
As I told you, any firewall can’t prevent sniffing.
Firewalls protect computers not network.

Under switches , also it’s easy to sniff with other tools.
It’s really easy…



Anyboy can sniff your packets Even if you are using Firewall
or any softwares can prevent soofing.
Personal firewalls can only protect you.
It’s not protect the network.
There is one of technique which called ‘network poisoning’.
It does not attack you.
It attacks your network(switches and routers) which has same IP range.
Most of routers, switches can’t prevent it.
Beacuse, it sends manipulated packets all around the network(same IP range).
Finnaly, your router and switch can be confused with those poisoning packets.
(Your computer doesn’t know what’s going on)
And then the attacker can capture all of packets in your IP range.
He can caputure all of them and he can choose only one person.


If you want to be protected by sniffing, use commercial VPN(like a COMODO VPN).
or use secure internet service.
There is no other way.

What do you mean with network poisoning? Is that the same thing as ARP cache poisoning? To this CIS can protect you.

No, EricJH
It is not.
CIS can’t protect Switch Jamming and other attacks.
The attacker can attack the switches and routers. not your PC.
There are many Sniffing Techniques including ARP cache poisoning.
Following examples are under Switching environment.
Ex)Switch Jamming.
ARP Redirect.
ARP spoofing.
ICMP Redirect .
Switch’s span/monitor port.

ARP cache poisoning is just one of Sniffing Techniques.
If CIS can protect all of techniques,
you don’t need to use VPN.
you don’t need to use SSL communications.
you don’t need to use SSH communications.
you don’t need to use any CERT.
you don’t need to use any encrypted communications.
But CIS can’t protect all of them.

CIS is just the firewall only for your computer, not switches and routers.
You computer is not a switch, not a router, not a server.
Try a sniffing.
And then you can understand.
For your guidance.
Most of public network can be eavesdropped with Sniffing.
Can’t believe?
Then try it.
I promise your ISP can’t prevent Sniffing even if you are using CIS.
Why this happens?
ISPs think only rather the internet speed than the security.


It’s all about letting the switch know you want all traffic for the MAC address of the host you like to sniff.

A switch works basically with a table that holds the registration for MAC against port number so it knows where to put the packets to and not to ■■■■ them out on all ports.

Thanks very much but i found new software called ANTI ARP , Spoofing , the developer of the software saying it can protect us and block all ARP, sniffer attacks

Does your computer often lose internet connection or be in IP conflict? Does your server always been invaded by hackers? Do you worry about communication data (eg. MSN,ICQ,EMAIL) being monitored? Is the speed of your internet connection under the limitation of network administration software such as Netcut. Does your computer often receive attack by various software of ARP attack such as Netcut, etc. Is your LAN being in trouble of ARP virus? The problems mentioned above are all caused by ARP spoofing (ARP attack).

Choose AntiARP is the best solution of the above problems.

please let me know your opinion about this software.

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If this is about ARP spoofing to let your PC think the MAC address of the default gateway is the attackers MAC to do Man-In-The-Middle attacks then just set CIS Attack Detection, protect ARP cache, block gratuitous ARP.

This will protect you from that part of an attack.