COMODO a very satisfying experience

I have been with COMODO products for a relatively short time and have been on this forum even shorter and very infrequent. I was generally browsing thro’ different topics on this forum and one post and a reply from Melih (I believe he is the numero uno of COMODO) particularly caught my attention. I’m really so happy and feel so fortunate to have found COMODO after seeing that post and response because even after paying for OneCare they (MS) was no where near this. All I got from them was lip service. I had a few issues that they never helped me out with. They did open a trouble ticket but probably got lost in cyber-space.

I can go on and on but COMODO has people that have the right “attitude and altitude”.



See for yourself …

EDITED on 9-May-07:
Actually I was wrong in saying “All I got was lip service”. I would have been very happy if I had gotten at least the lip service (PUN INTENDED). In my case there were no lips nor a service.

Well I wil “SECOND” that… (:CLP)

Excellent software and services, and extremely responsive CEO and Forum… as you have so rightly pointed out (:KWL)