Comodo A/V v. Won't Scan

I have decided to try Comodo Antivirus (testing for company-wide usage). I have a brand new Laptop that I have installed Comodo A/V (newest version - v. on. It installs fine and all seems well until I try to run any scan. It will not start a manual scan (whether it be system, file, memory, etc . . .) or a scheduled scan. I have un-installed, redownloaded and re-installed and have the same problem. What is going on? Is this a known issue? There is no other Antivirus or antispyware software running on this PC yet (it’s “brand new” and I haven’t finished installing / setting up other software yet). If this is the way it behaves, I can’t trust it for company-wide use - I’ll go back to AVG which I’ve been very happy with.


Hi Garry,

what operating system do you have on your laptop and do you have any antivirus software installed?


It’s Win XP Pro with all updates. It was a fresh clean install that never had Anti-Virus or Anti-Spyware installed. Since posting I have installed Windows Defender & Lavasoft Ad-Aware 2007 (free version w/o Real-Time Protection). It’s a completely “normal” clean new Install of XP Pro. Running 1 Administrator Account.


Is it perhaps a 64-Bit version of XP?

Are there any error messages when you try to scan?


It’s a normal 32-bit XP. There are no error messages at all - in fact nothing at all happens, as if your clicking a “dead” button. I try to check the running processes and it doesn’t look like anything is running in the background - remains at 99% idle.

This is very odd, Garry. AFAIK, I’ve not seen this issue before. I would not anticipate any problems at all on a fresh XP 32-bit install.

And when you say “fully updated” do you mean it has SP2 and all updates since?


Garry, could you check if you have Remote Procedure Call enabled in services. This must be enabled for CAVS to work.


Yes, Service Pack 2 and all updates detected manually running Windows Update (75+ updates).

Remote Procedure Call is enabled and everything looks normal to me. I also check ed “Event Viewer” logs and don’t see anything wrong there in relation to Comodo.

The PC is a brand new Dell Latitude D531 AMD64X2 TL-50 1.8Ghz with 1.0GB RAM.


This is very odd.

Under General settings for on demand scan do you have ‘selected extension’ ticked or all files?

Also, under Advanced settings for on demand do you have any items excluded?

General Settings: “All Files”. Under Advanced: there are no exclusions. The only settings I changed after installing was that I turned off HIPS (too annoying and I can’t trust other users to “Allow” or “Block” properly.


Are you using Fast User Switching?


No Fast User Switching. I am only logging into and using one account (same account it was installed with) which is an Administrator account.

I ran a Registry Scan & Fix a few hours ago (used Registry Mechanic) - found numerous errors (I didn’t look for Comodo errors) and repaired them, rebooted, but Comodo still won’t scan.

The automatic updating is working (did I mention that) and the manual updating works too.