COMODO-A Most Intelligent Approach to Computer Security

After many years experience of computer systems, both personal and commercial, I have to say that the COMODO approach is the most intelligent I have seen so far! In my experience, most computer users don’t bother installing ANY security software on their systems until it is too late. The usual course of events is that a user will be compelled into securing their system once it is rendered virtually useless by malware or they discover that their online bank account has been raided. Even though many new PCs ship with security software, the systems are soon infected through a combination of incorrect configuration of the security software and a failure on the part of the user to regularly update the software. This is, of course, notwithstanding the fact that very often the bundled security software is second rate or worse! My real world experience and reading of this forum convinces me that the only effective way of securing most PCs is to offer FREE security software. Even though people may realise the value of having a secure PC, it never ceases to amaze me how many users are unwilling to spend the money. Furthermore, of those who do spend the money, many invariably fail to renew their subscriptions after a year.

I have come across a few doubting Thomas’ on this forum and must confess to having been one myself, until I discovered the thinking behind COMODO and how you still made money while offering free software. So, having been convinced, I am going to try COMODO software when I upgrade my system, which will be very soon. The system is going to be ALL 64-bit so hopefully there will be 64-bit versions of all your software before long. I shall, of course, report the results. Lest I forget, let me assure those of you who think that a hardwall ALONE is sufficient that it is NOT- you NEED a software firewall too. You could, of course, just buy yourself a network security appliance that costs a few thousand Dollars but even those have their limitations.

I agree with most of this, but try not to let it go to your head, Melih. :SMLR


Thank you for your kind words Fido… we really appreciate it.