Comodo 7 with Malwarebytes 2

Currently running Comodo 7 Complete and have installed the premium version of Malwarebytes 2, which includes files and web protection. Is it okay to run both together?

You should not have any problems running both at the same. :slight_smile:

I would exclude Malwarebytes in CIS’s AV scanner. If you don’t know how to do it then let us know and we will guide you through.

Thank you Valentin for the reply. Yes, if you could help me out that would be great! :slight_smile:

Doesn’t Malwarebytes Pro also offer real-time anti virus protection? AFAIK you should never have two real-time anti-virus products active at the same time, so I suggest you disable one or the other real-time system.

Some products are meant to be used as an additional security layer with existing AVs, like MBAM, Immunet, even EAM, etc.
But I agree that there should be exclusions in both products.

I will do a video later in case the instructions a bit confusing.

Open CIS or click on Secure/Needs attention (in case you need to update or alike) → Tasks → Advanced Tasks → open advanced settings → click on Security Settings → Antivirus → Exclusiontions.

Here I would add both the in “Excluded Paths” and “Excluded Applications” so click on of one of them → click on the upward arrow (it’s a bit higher than the OK-button) → MBAM (abbreviation of Malwarebytes) you find in in “Programs Files” → Apply → OK and then your done.

(As I am bit in a hurry I will update this post)