Comodo 7 still affects/blocks programs when not even loaded

I use Unity which needs to use Mono.exe. I closed Comodo 7 incase it overwrote any old settings for when I downgrade back to the version that worked.

If Comodo is CLOSED while asking if Unity can use Mono, Mono.exe will not load and give errors, even when you restart Unity from scratch after closing Comodo.

Even better, when you load Comodo then load Unity, it asks “Unity wants to use Mono.exe”, so you click ALLOW, it will tell you it has blocked Mono anyway (Application Isolated), and you have to click a little text link in the bottom-right corner to allow it. I’m assuming this box will disappear automatically if you don’t quickly find this hidden text link, so you’ll never know what’s happened.

Go download Unity for free to test.

When you say ‘close’ comodo could you be more specific. It most likely your just closing the GUI and the protection modules are still running, but unable to pop up any alerts without the gui and will therefore default deny unknown programs.

Have you tried running a ratings scan since installing Unity?.

Closing was just right-clicking the status bar icon and closing it.

After uninstalling it runs fine again. Now I’m just installing the previous version of Comodo.

That only closes the client. The underwater processes that do the protection work will still be running.