Comodo 7 Release

I want to install Comodo 7 (final) as I’ve just brought a £2000 laptop and do not want to install Comodo 6, then remove it as drivers are always left behind - roughly when will Comodo 7 be released?

already released Comdo 7 RC :slight_smile:
it’s very stable

It’s still under RC…and we don’t have FINAL release date.

Cheers guys, I won’t install a RC on a new laptop, I’m using it on my old laptop, but the virtual desktop will not load so I removed it.

Can I continue to use version 6 when version 7 is released, or will it nag me to update to version 7?

It might nag you, in that case just turn off automatic program update check in the Advanced Settings.

Updating from version 6 to version 7 should leave behind too many files.