Comodo 7 concept created by someone in malwaretips
for those of you who are part of malware tips. Earth created whis concept for Comodo 7.

As I said on MalwareTips: “Overall style is good. Love the red colours. But I’m not a big fan of the Metro look. Don’t really like it that much. Well-done”

In my opinion the metro interface should stay with metro applications, can’t say I like the design in anyway :confused: actually it seems like it might have a better usability but the interface isn’t very… pretty… in my opinion, though of course it’s a matter of taste.

Need to get a cross and some holy water for that red interface, hope it was just some sketch or something.

It’s a little drab looking like most of the Win 8 applications but I have to say I like the red.

Well Yes, a red themes for users who like this color it’s more then OK. Returning to theme I don’t like it, I honestly like more the v6 themes.

I wonder how the settings would look like in the a metro style interface…

What settings?
...just kidding with the quote above, but really I am interested in how they would fit all the settings for CIS V6 in a metro style interface, I say V6 because I don't mean the specific UI linked to previously, just generally a metro style interface and V6 is the most recent.

I like simple designs like the one linked to but I think the one linked to wasn’t very well done, not like I can do better though. But if it would have the red… please add the options to choose the colors… sure the red is nice and all but it just doesn’t fit in my eyes, white and simple is what I like.

Nope I like the current GUI I hate small GUI’s I prefer to have all settings laid out in a simple to read/access settings. Of course I love the advanced settings and do not see a problem with having to flick through a few screens to access them. But then I did not like the old GUI of Comodo so it swings in round abouts and you will not please all, but then that’s life…

Red is Comodo’s color, but perhaps the amount of red could be toned down.

I agree. A little heavy on the red.

Not Good. Not Good.

Enhance it more. add blue and green color in it.
it would be better if most part is black and smaller part is red.

Well. comodos Original colors were red. I would like too see red and white back on the GUI.

Steady on a bit.
We are still on the version 6 models lol.