Comodo 64bit killed my Internet connection


I’ve just installed a fresh instance of Vista 64bit and so downloaded and installed the latest CFP 64bit version. Once installed and rebooted i am unable to dial an internet connection and get the error “Error 797: A connection to the remote computer could not be establised because the modem was not found or was busy etc.”.

If uninstalled i can once again connect so thought there must be a setting in the Comodo console blocking this but for testing purposes i allowed set all applications to be trusted but still this made no difference. Disabling both the Firewall and defense also makes no difference.

I have AVG free AV installed but have also tried this with AVAST and the Windows firewall is not enabled. The modem is a Thompson Speedtouch 330 connected via USB 2. Vista is SP1 + all updates to date

Any ideas?

Oh i forgot to mention that the dial-up properties shows “ISDN channel removed - Speedtouch PPP Adapter” under the general tab


Anyone? I really like Comodo and had no problems running this on my 32bit Vista OS so don’t want to have to go searching for something else


I’m thinking that this must be an issue with using a USB modem instead of LAN connection as i’m sure i’m not the first person to install the 64bit version on a fresh install of Vista64 and seems no-one else has had the same issue!!

Can anyone confirm they have this working and if so what type of connection are you using?..Please someone talk to me (:WIN)