Comodo 6 in a Brazilian downloads site

Guys, I just want to reply the review (not so “review” but its ok) here so you can have an idea of what the most of brazilians think about CIS6.

There is an page about this version of COMODO FIREWALL 6 and the little review.

the link is:

The translated review in english (not so cool because I did the translation) is here:

"You dont need much to realise that COMODO FIREWALL is one of the best protection softwares that You can find out there. Since the begining the software impresses for its interface that comes with a beautiful and organized design. All the tools and options are described in a way that guarantees an easy understandment even for the newbies in the tecworld.

The possibilities of personalization of COMODO FIREWALL are another strong point in the system: once you dont need to configurate everything, you can go deep into the tools and protection of your pc just like you want it. And beleave, the software has much to offer for those who wants to guarantee the maximum protection.

The strongest point of COMODO FIREWALL, atleast, is in your sandbox system that is extrem efficient, as you use the sandbox object as you use the virtual kiosk. The virtual environment that is created by this tool impresses for its desing and easy to use, allowing that it can be used without problems side by side you daily computing in windows.

COMODO FIREWALL is one of the most efficient protection systems that you can have on your computer. Its friendly for anyone and full of unique tools, thats one of the softwares that worth to have.

Pros: Friendly interface; easy of use; sandbox to help for the maximum in pc security.
Cons: None posted."

Thats it.

And I can go forward and say that this what most of Brazilians that knows COMODO internet Security thinks.

Great job COMODO team.

But, for now, Ill stay in 5.12 until the CIS6 get the ptBR translation :smiley:

bb guys…

ps.: if its in the wrong place, please move it.