Comodo 6 Explorer Lag

The issue I am having with Comodo v6 on Win8 is that after comodo is installed the main desktop lags incredibly. Double clicking of desktop icons makes five to six seconds, and the same with right clicking anything. Using the file explorer it too lags several seconds when trying to open folders. etc. However, once inside a nonwindows program everything is smooth and responsive, which leads me to believe there is some sort of issue with comodo and possibly explorer.exe.

What antivirus are you running?

I am currently running avira home premium but I had this issue when I first installed comodo, which was a day or so before I installed my antivirus.

I had the same situation you have when running bit defender antivirus. i tested it once to see how it was but i am an Avast fan. You definitely have a conflicting software somewhere but i don’t’ know where.

If you don’t mind trying something. Could you try uninstalling Avira and then restarting?

Then run the uninstallers, which can be found on this page gor all security programs that you previously had installed on your computer, including Avira. Then restart and see if the problem persists.

If it does please try reinstalling CIS, withought installing any other security software, by following the advice I provide in this topic. Then see if the problem persists after reinstalling.

If it does then I believe this may be a bug. If that is the case please create a bug report in this section of the forum and be sure to follow the format from this topic.

Please let me know if you have any questions.