Comodo 6 and Windows 8 - Error, Error and MORE Errors

When Comodo 6/2013 was released finally released it was made clear you could either wait for it via automatic download, or you could now download it from forum website which listed all various versions. Why did Comodo not tell Windows 8 users not to download the software, I have had problems with Geekbuddy, Kiosk failure(s), could not reset the sandbox and two blue screen events – I connected to Geekbuddy on 5 separate occasions, still was I not made aware to remove the software and wait for the automatic release?? Secondly, was Comodo 6 rushed or not tested on Windows 8 platform??? Of course I will get the same answers from moderators, but even they have made clear, after the release that it should not be downloaded.


Where are you reading it should not be downloaded or installed?.It’s working fine on windows 8 x64.
see this though.;msg645983#msg645983

there are 4 show stopper bugs really that i have experience with windows 8. I am using cis 6 2674 on windows 8 pro x64 on two different pc’s. I have filled out formatted bug reports on them and actually have been working directly with comodo on one.

if you feel you have a a problem that’s not documented. take the format and just modify it and submit seems like it would take so long to submit a formatted bug report but really it’s about 15 minutes of your time.

that’s the template to just copy and paste. fill in the answers…and post it in the bug reports section
and it will be moved to the formatted bug reports section…

I do not have the IT skills/knowledge to even start a bug report. My main issue was Geekbuddy kept showing errors, then after reboot it would not work, on trying to uninstall message would say already uninstalled please click yes to delete entry

Would running CCleaner 4-6 times a day with application(s) section ticked e.g., Comodo damage the software?? That is the one thing I can think of…

Hi TonyChipper911,
Did you uninstall the previous version before installing?
I would try a fresh uninstall/reinstall.

While CCleaner is good software, caution is always required when using any file/registry cleaner.
Especially with new software and Operating systems out now, new bugs will always be found.
Could software be damaged? The answer would be anyone’s guess, doubtful but it is possible.

I think CCleaner did cause errors as I was running it 4-6 times daily plus registry cleaner part, I have now used Comodo removal tool, done a clean install and everything is fine!!!

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Hi TonyChipper911,
Glad to hear that you are up and running. :-TU