Comodo 6.3 doesn't remember application rules? Solved


I’ve a strange problem with the last version of Comodo firewall. It doesn’t remember rules for “svchost” and “system”. And yet it seems ok with other programs.

By example I’ve the the rule “Allow UDP Out From MAC Any To IP Where Source Port Is Any And Destination Port Is 5355” and yet as each startup it’s asking again, same for and the gateway. The rules are of course before the asking rule.

I use Comodo since several years and it’s the first time that I’ve this problem. By the way it’s a clean installation.

Any help will be welcome.

On another subject, it would be very convenient if when you memorize a request, you could do it for the address IP and the port asked and not to give unlimited access. Maybe as an option perhaps.

Please make sure that the custom rules you made are above the rule for Windows System Applications. Rules are read top down.

Thank for your reply.

I’ve checked again and it should be ok.

There are the rules

and the alert message

I don’t get why is asking again for the authorization.

But since my first message, it’s becoming even more strange as it seems that there is no systematic request. Sometimes it’s ok, sometimes it’s not.

The alert is showing an incoming connection from on port 3702 UDP. You need to make a rule for this in your rule for svchost.exe

Thank for your suggestion.

Sadly, blocking incoming connection from/to doesn’t stop the alert message.

Futhermore, I don’t understand why this alert is for an incoming connection. Usually I get the following message for incoming request:

Need to be carefully. In rule set remote port is 3072, in alert port is 3702.

Thank you very much for finding my error. :-[

Dyslexia is not my friend.

It was the last unwanted alert and everything seems ok now.

But it took several reboot to get the rules memorized. I didn’t change the rules or the position of the system set, and yet during several reboot Comodo kept asking for them. It’s why at last I didn’t think about checking once again every rules.

Anyways, my mistake and thank you for your help.

And merry christmas :slight_smile: