Comodo 5 vs 6000 viruses

Check this video that my friend record:

It will be nice when your friend send these undetected viruses to comodo.

Comodo didnt find only 50 viruses of 6000. Tell me how can he send those 50 viruses to Comodo?

Look at my signature.

Missed less than 1% so not at all bad.

Wow, I am impressed! :-TU
Thanks for the vid! O0

99.2% detection

It was not a bad detection of Comodo AV for sure :slight_smile:

Yep. I trust more thes videos than some paper! :-TU
With auto-submission and user file upload to CIMA, Comodo detection skyrocketed! :slight_smile:

manual scanning heuristics set to low and cloud scanning disabled,Default settings.
Now being an antivirus geek it would be interesting to see the results if he now sets heuristics to medium and enabled cloud scanning of the same 5915 viruses. :wink:

Even though the initial detection rate was excellent :-TU you have to ask that question.Well I do >:-D

Makes you wonder if DACS is needed, and maybe Comodo would be better of concentrating on whitelisting.

WOW. Its the reason I love CIS. Superb Detection rates. I bet that the time DACS is implemented. Comodo will be the best suite out there! ;D CIS needs better cleaning rates.

Unfortunatelly, I have different experience…
Every day I download malware samples from two well known sites. :wink:
So far, I have collected arround 300 files in the past few weeks.
CAV is detecting arround 35-40% of them while MBAM and Avast (on another PC) detects much much more. :cry:

At least, it’s good to know that we have another layers of protection (SB,D+) to cover AV. 8)
Detection still needs to be improved.

Yep. Remember, thay you can improve detection.Send these files, look at my signature below.

I agree with you, I dont know where this guy got the samples, maybe they are quite old. But the performance of CAV against “0day” malware is poor.

Exactly. These files are few years old :).

Don’t worry…every file I find as undetected is being submitted in a blink of an eye… :wink:
Most of Avast detections are generic while Comodos’ are Unclassified Malware (single signatures).

I made that test - Comodo vs 6000 viruses,and I don’t know how old those samples are…
Here is another my test an review of Comodo against zero day malware

:P0l :stuck_out_tongue:

Those 6000 malwares are old DOS and Windows 95 viruses. They will not run on any Windows that is currently installed on our PCs: XP, Vista or 7.

The whole archive has only 10 MB and can be easily found on Google (hosted on

So, this test is more then useless, if I can say so :slight_smile:

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