Comodo 5 firewall + Norton antivirus 2011

Hi, I wonder if it is ok to run Norton antivirus 2011 and Comodo 5 firewall together? Would there be any compability issues between Comodo defens+/sandbox and nortons SONAR for example?

Is SONAR a behavior blocker or a HIPS? If it is a HIPS, then running another HIPS like D+ could cause some problems.

from what i know, SONAR is similar with D+ (HIPS/behavior blocker), should only use one of them.

Sonar is not HIPS. If it would be Norton would be much more secure… :wink:

I think it’s more a Behaviour Blocker

SONAR (Symantec) - Wikipedia

I don’t know if it would cause conflicts, but considering the added complexity in V5 it just may.
I would go for something simpler like a free AV.