comodo 5 and info on 4

how much signatures does comodo have and when will comodo 5 be released

  1. Comodo has many signatures. Plus, a list of 1000000 Whitelisted files and Blacklisted files.

  2. Comodo 5.0 is only in Beta right now - It will be released when every bug is fixed. :wink: And Security Bugs of course.

but how much sign

4,509,903 sigs. as of yesterday.


The number of signatures used by an antivirus or antimalware program is not that critical. The detection rate the the most important issue.
For a more detailed explanation of signatures, see this post.

Several recent tests have shown that the detection rate of CIS’s antimalware scanner is comparable to other industry leaders.
For example, see this link and this link.

A report from AV comparatives should be forthcoming, and this will provide a more detailed comparison with other anti-malware programs (including detection rate, false positives, etc.).

But, you should also be aware that Comodo Internet Security offers some of the strongest prevention, as shown by the tests at Matousec.