COMODO 5.9 intializing minutes then "Agent is not running"

im using COMODO almost 2 years and ive never had problem like this befor. It seems some of the updates messed up CIS completely on my PC. After Windows load CIS just cant initialize even though “agent” is on my task manager as a running process. I tried reinstal twice, uninstall - restart - delete COMODO folders if id find any - clean PC with CCleaner - install again. This isnt changing anything, CIS still wont initiliaze and then “Agent is not running” show up. Im out of the options what could possible be wrong, it happend today and i havent install anything to my PC recently (almost a week, by then CIS was working as charm). Btw in program windows it seems everything is running, i can see numbers of connection etc, but Windows tells me that my firewall is off and anti-spyware too =/

Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 x64
COMODO ver. 5.9 downloaded sec ago
I dont use any other security program or anything like that, just COMODO

Anyway as i said i havent install anything for weeks so program issue is out of the list… Ive already checked some topics about this problem and i havent found any constructive help or fix.

// EDIT //
Seems problem fixed itself, i dont know how but the “agent is not running” just disappeared, Windows are happy and says firewall is on and CIS says everything is up and running instead of “agent is not running”. Well thats interesting.

If it happens again please try reinstalling following the methods in Most Effective Way to Reinstall CIS to Avoid/Fix Problems.