Comodo 5.8 64 bit is blocking safe known files on my friend's PC.

He is going to reinstall and see if that would fix it. What might be the cause of this?

Without any specific details, it’s impossible to say what the problem may be.

It sandboxes programs that Comodo recognized as safe and were added to the trusted files list. For example it was blocking Steam, Skyrim and a Toshiba program.

Check and see if he selected the option “Block all unknown requests if the application is closed” under Defense+ Settings >> General Settings. If he did, this is the most likely cause.

I actually posted about having some problems like this and got 0 help. I figured out the exact configuration causing the issue after troubleshooting a while. I would have left the post intact but the only “help” that was offered was a smart ■■■ comment about me reading in which the person acted like everyone should have know this even though he could not offer any help until after I solved my own problem. In reality, the person was probably just a hungry troll but it ■■■■■■ me off enough to stop posting for a few weeks.

Nope its not checked off.

Im sorry, this sentence is a little hard for me to follow. Just to ensure… You are saying:

This option is not checked.


This option is checked.

If it is checked, have your friend uncheck it and see if that fixes his issues (believe it will). If it is currently not checked, then a lot more information is needed as stated earlier by HeffeD.

The option is not checked.

If you run the diagnostics do they show any problems?

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