COMODO 5.10 EMule issue

Hi, I am new here so please excuse any non-adherence to protocol !!

I have added the six rules as per the tutorial, and ensured the protocol checking box unticked. I am still getting KAD shown as Firewalled, and UDP shown as Firewalled. I am sure I have set everything up correctly -

Fixed IP outside of DHCP range
Port Forwarding on Router
Allow EMule any/any on Windows FW
Added the six rules in Comodo
Added EMule as defined Trusted Application in Comodo

It may not be Comodo causing this at this stage, but I want to rule it out.

One thing which WAS strange is that even after I added the FW rules = when I started EMule, I was NOT prompted by Comodo, in either Training or Safe mode. Also, I set the first three rules to add an event to the FW log, but I see no events when EM is started (in fact the only events I ever see is SYSTEM Blocked from IP of router to local IP on port 2869 !!).
I need to be able to rule out Comodo as the cause so can anyone assist with this please ?

Thank you !! ???

Could you show a screenshot of your Global Rules?

Do I understand you correctly that you have Windows Firewall active as well. Please disable it as it could interfere and let us know if that helped or not.