Comodo 5.1?

If you go to the main web page to download CIS Firewall Download | Best Firewall Security software for Windows
and you select either the 32 bit or 64 bit download you get a file marked 5.1.37755.1159 ( code signed November 8th) I installed 32 bit version on my VM and it installs 5.0.1142 though now in the installer it wants to install Geekbuddy and I don’t remember seeing that ever in any of the 5.0 versions.

that’s strange

millions downloads after read that :stuck_out_tongue:

It is strange,i instaled the new version,and it didn’t update database,it is real or what?

Softpedia has released the 5.1.37755.1159 versions of Comodo Antivirus and Firewall today.

I am probably just imagining things and/or i am just paranoid, but there is quit a difference in file size. The page that Languy links to shows that the file has a size of 48 mb, while the file that i downloaded from Softpedia has a size of 57.7 mb?

Download Antivirus for Mac | Free Antivirus Software for Mac Here shows that it is 50 mb file but when I downloaded the file it was 59.9 mb.

x64 version

I have already let Melih know about it and I am sure they are looking into it right now. Give it a little time and they will let us know what happened.

Mine was the 32bit version.

Ok,thank’s Languy99,i’l wait,hope that is a good news :comodo110:

It’s because that GeekBuddy is attach to installer.

Hmm i assume we can opt out on Geek buddy?

Yes, we can.

Better yet, will there be an installer without it?

I mean, I realize they’re aggressively pushing their product, but increasing the size of the installer to do so isn’t cool.

A better option would be to download that during installation if the user opts to install it…

They’ve released two new “versions” so far, each updating the installer and none tackling the actual product in question. I don’t like it at all.

Noo. Why? :-TD
It’s very useful tool, about 10 MB more isn’t very much…

Because some of us have been waiting for a new version, and the appearance of new versions which are not updating the product at all tends to feel like a bit of a play on us.

The version on the installers is wrong guys. This is simply an installer change. Not a product update. We will be replacing the files with the correct ones soon.

so are we expecting an update within , let’s say , a week or something ???

What is this “soon” you speak of? And what are the “correct ones”?