comodo 5.0 using 100% cpu

Please excuse, me this is my first comment so I may be doing it in the wrong place. I have just downloaded C.I.S. 5.0 and noticed upon start up cmdagent is using 100% CPU sometimes for as long as 10 minutes.
This is not always the case, other times it starts up and uses very little CPU. Is there a reason for this ? Is anybody else having this problem? Other than this thank you for an excellent product.

Hi elfpattaya. I don’t have that problem the most mine uses is about 10% CPU and only for Maximum a couple of minutes. My thoughts, do you have any other real time antivirus or firewalls running that could be conflicting including Windows own firewall if so disable them. Also if using a satellite connection make sure it initialised before starting computer. If this doesn’t help I hope you recieve some replies from someone with more ideas or knowledge. Good luck and Kind regards

Thank you captainsticks for your quick reply. I had turned off Windows Firewall. I have Trusteer Rapport running, which was recommended by my Bank. Does anybody know if there is a conflict between Trusteer Rapport and CIS. This is a very intermittent problem, if it is a problem at all. Maybe I should turn off Task Manager then I wouldn’t know how much CPU was being used. Even though the CPU is running at 100% I can still use Firefox and other programmes ???

Scanning memory on start or maybe db update could cause high CPU, but up to 10mins does seem a long time. I personally do not scan memory on start with real time scanning, and also I manually update my db. This may reduce CPU a little on start up, but I wouldn’t think to that extent. It may just need a litte time to settle in maybe checking new files in the cloud etc. Sorry I don’t have a lot of ideas and maybe someone else will reply with something helpful. NOTE Not scanning memory on start and manual updating is my choice and maybe not the best choice for everyone. All the best and good luck.

can you tell me what Trusteer Rapport is and how it works? make sure that CIS is accepting it.


Trusteer Rapport was recommended by my Bank. I think it’s an anti key logging programme. Trusteer is on Comodo’s trusted list
Don’t know if this address is any help.

I think CIS has itself anti key logging protection; the defense+.


I don’t really want Trusteer Rapport, but my bank has recommended it so I think I should keep it in case of any problems. I have reported the problem to them and this was their reply.

Please note that we have managed to resolve this issue, the fix will be incorporated into the next version of Rapport.

We would be happy to notify you once the version is released.

Thank you for your patience.

Gil Solomon
Tier 3 and Escalation
Trusteer Technical Support

Ticket Details

Ticket ID: DUW-451003
Department: General
Priority: High
Status: Customer-Pending

Hopefully this will solve the problem.

Thank You Valentin and the captain for all your help. I will let you know what happened.

I would like to know if Trusteer Rapport is blocking CIS or something like that. If it does then you should turn it off it if you’re not doing your banking things.


Can you show screenshots of the Defense + logs? They are in Defense + → View Defense + Events.

Thanks for all your help, but I’m going to leave everything as it is for now. I shall wait to see what happens when Trusteer sorts their problem out. Thanks again.

I also use Trusteer and although it has given me problems in the past I have not had any with CIS v5. CPU% is not very high. I also run Malwarebytes in realtime and despite not adding any specific exclusions it all seems to be working nicely at the moment, on Windows 7 HP 32

Hello cavehomme,

If you open the Trusteer rapport console, you will see report Browser Process Integrity Protection. This report occurs every time you open a browser. Trusteer have told me this is a problem they have with Comodo, which they hope to rectify with their next upgrade (see earlier post). My CPU is only very high on start-up and maybe something to do with cmdagent.exe doing something e.g checking files. This calms down after a while. But it does not seem to affect anything I do, so I’m going to forget about until I do have problems. Thanks for your reply.

Thanks for the info on Trusteer.

I too was getting unusually high CPU usage with cmdagent. Getting nearly 100% usage at times for no apparent reason, this was just happening every few minutes lasting about a minute.
I followed Chirons methods using Revo uninstaller and the clean up tool for CIS, (please note the first link is no longer active , but the mediafire link works.). I then cleaned the registry re-booting after every action.
I then re-installed CIS and everything now seems excellent. A big thanks for Chiron for your advice. It definitely worked for me. Grin

Please see the post about removing CIS. That should cure The high CPU problem. Nothing to do with Trusteer Rapport.