Comodo 4 feedback

Hello everybody.
I’ve recently downloaded and installed Comodo 4 (couldn’t find “Copy” for version).
I am posting mostly because I think some out-of-the-box settings should be tinkered.
(The information in this post may be inaccurate. The developers are the main audience.)

[]the Firewall is by default set to allow all traffic for all applications (and I cannot remember having added that rule myself)
]the Sandbox is by default configured to “automatically look up for/submit pending/unrecognized programs online to COMODO for analysis”. this could materialize into a privacy issue?

The new red skin is OK although I would’ve thought the old 3x series skin to be more stylish. The new buttons could indeed use a small correction since they look the same for hover and hover+active.

The Computer/Network Security Policy lists could use a search function; maybe even have a shortcut in Summary.

Thank you for your time.

I downloaded and installed CIS v4 on my desktop on Friday evening but I was obliged to uninstall it and return to CIS v3 because every time I rebooted after performing the initial virus scan, as requested, it caused the desktop to hang completely and the only option was a power reset.

Just once I received got a Windows popup saying that there was a problem with the Comodo program and did I want to send a report to Microsoft. I said yes and in principle the report should have been delivered because its success was reported.

My desktop is a Compaq Presarion running XP SP3.

Best regards,
Rob Gordon

Thanks Melih for the great product!!! I am now a comodo user even though I thought after reading other forums I wouldnt ever be one. This just goes to show you not to believe everything you hear, I am impressed with comodo complete it does not slow my computer down at all. I used avira(paid) avast, mse, panda cloud, f-secure and I must say this is the best and lightest so far ranks right up there with panda cloud pro.