comodo 4 and eset antivirus 4

Have you discovered some imcompatibility with Comodo firewall and eset???

please read this (other post of mine)

oh well

i have discovered some strange things about this version and leak test

im my main computer with antivirus from eset i have tested and get a horrible score of 150/340 from your tests

i was preparing to unninstall version 4 because i tought that was some important bug…

i have tried on my other computer, an laptop wihout any antivirus for a long time ( yeah i was only using comodo firewall 3.14 in this computer and is clean lol)

the firewall passes the leak test with 340/340 in this computer

is the same installer ( the offline installer) downloaded one time only

the only diference is that i have eset antivirus in the other pc already installed and in this i have comodo antivirus since version 4

lets see if they can fix it quicly

i will not unninstall for now

If you are running v4 in its default configuration then the Leaktest program will get sandboxed. The leaktest program will think it is doing stuff but it happens in the sandbox.That skews the results.

i have sandbox disabled :slight_smile:

must be something else

Did you restart the leaktest program after disabling the Sandbox? Otherwise it will still be run sandboxed.