Comodo 4.1 in Anti-Malware Test Lab

It got GOLD self protection award with score of: 89%! :-TU
Norton IS 2010 got 91% so we are closing in…
Congratulations to Kaspersky on 100% rating.

Congrats Comodo, even this was old version, still impressive!

Good result for Comodo. However, if I remeber well, that is a russian testing organization. Infact if you see the other comparatives they’ve made, Kaspersky and DrWeb are always in first position. So I don’t trust them too much…

Yeah, but this is not a detection test, but self protection against termination. I believe KIS is strong enough. But Comodo score is also great, I did lot’s of tests in virtual machine and so far found no malware able to disable/terminate comodo… :-TU