Comodo 4.1 does not remember some actions

I have just upgraded to Comodo 4.1. Having used the previous version for several years I was expecting to get some new alerts. What I wasn’t expecting is that in some case the “remember this answer” apparently fails to work. In other words I am forever getting the same alert and, despite my saying “remember this answer” it never goes away.

The particular problems I’m getting are with USB U3 software. Every time I freshly insert a USB drive certain utilities start automatically. Comodo will warn me about LaunchU3.exe and another piece of software called Pstart.exe and I tell it “Trusted application” and ask it to remember my selection it doesn’t remember. So next time I insert a USB drive with the same software it will give me the same alerts. I thought that after repeatedly saying the same thing for several weeks on end it would finally give in and accept my answers as final, but no. This is getting irritating.

My previous version (3) didn’t have this problem. Initially it similarly wanted me to say that I was happy with this software but it remembered my answer and stopped pestering me.

How can I convince Comodo 4 that I seriously want it to stop issuing the alerts for my trusted software?

Please reboot, start the affected applications, then post a screen shot of your defense plus event logs.

Are the alerts that don’t remember answers automatic sandboxing alerts?

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As far as Im aware I have sandbox disabled so I’m not sure if I have any sandboxing alerts.

A typical Defence+ event entry reads:
Target: HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Shell Folders\Common Startup
Flags: Modify Key

OK if not a sandbox issue, other are more qualified to help than I.

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Hi all,

is there any progress on that isuue, that I have missed so far.

I do have the identical problem with the U3-sticks, and it’s very annoying always to answer the same question.
Even more as CIS sometimes remembers me that this issues has been handled serveral hundreds times, so it remembers.

Solutuion to this issue would be very much appreciated

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CIS sees USB sticks and other “mounted devices” as unsafe. So it will not remember the permissions you gave further than for the session. Next time you hook up the device it will not remember the permissions you gave.

When that didn’t happen with v3.x can only mean it that the v3.x installation was faulty.